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New FFVII Website

Posted on 2009.06.12 at 13:23
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Just recently, in an entirely bored moment, I made a website for FFVII, which was in the end Dubbed SOLDIER Unlimited.

SOLDIER Unlimited is a website for both yaoi fans, and just general fans of the series. You can post your own pictures, fan art, videos. Catch up with the latest news of the FFVII world, chat in the designed chat rooms, ask questions and of course roleplay. SOLDIER Unlimited has the unique chance to claim a Square-Enix character to roleplay or even create your own. The characters have been split into Teams:

The Remnants





Each team has a team leader and a group of followers, some are characters out of the series and, if the character you wanted is taken or maybe if you just want to be different, created characters which you made yourself. You can join a team of your choice (Team Unity rules will be explained on the homepage because it takes a bit of difficulty to join that group) and either work with heroes or cause destruction with the dark side.

Every Team will have similar mission to complete which will be planned by the team leaders, the followers will have to complete a mission within a certain time limit to earn a respect point, if you get a certain amount of team points you can buy a city or place. You can even buy a certain place away from a team already and claim the spot. If your team decides to claim a spot the team leader will contact the ruling manager (a.k.a WickedWhiteWolf (me)) and the spot will quickly become theirs. Remember, the spot cannot be taken over during the period of three days, after that, a team can claim it from them. That's if that Team doesn't stand guard or has a unit outside protecting it.

Each Team has their own gathering point in the Forum and have a chance to get together, they can call emergancy meetings and also ask questions to their team mates or, if they are friends with another team, they can help out or chat with that team and its members.

Even with its unique roleplay system, it's not a must if you don't wish to join it, just a chance to join in the competitions and have fun. You can make friends on this website and of course scan through the pictures and Videos avaliable on demand. You can upload your own and enjoy the chance to speak to Final Fantasy VII fans. Interested? Here's the site address!  http://soldierunlimited.webs.com/

To those who are ZC fans, Zack is still avaliable on team unity along with his mentor Angeal, Genesis in team Tsviets and many others! Take your pick! And Have Fun!

Thanks for reading and hope to see you there!

Pictures Through Time Part I

Posted on 2009.06.11 at 09:32
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Title: Under The Cherry Blossom Tree
Author: CloudStrife11
Rating: T for Safety (Maybe k+ not good with rating)
Summery : Part I of the Pictures Through Time Series. They First Met Under The dark night sky and Pink Petals of The Cherry Blossom

Part ICollapse )
Picture the Story was based onCollapse )

Well not so new anymore ^^

Posted on 2009.06.08 at 09:00
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Well, I think i've adjusted to life back at Livejournal, it has been years and it has changed since i've been here (not a lot but ah well xD) but it's nice to be back ^^

Anyway, I shall be posting as soon as possible so everyone can see!!!! I'm also hoping to get some fanart started for the first tme in my life. So i'm going to practice with some that is already done ^^

I would also like to thank all those that have helped me on FFVII_Clack and my friends on this so thank you all!

I guess that's it really. my next post will be up soon!!!